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Queensland Rugby set to unveil Hall of Fame

The Queensland Rugby Union Hall of Fame will be launched at the Reds Gala Ball on August 30.

As a part of the Queensland Rugby 130th anniversary celebrations, the Queensland Rugby Union will induct the first members into the Hall of Fame in its inaugural year.

A shortlist of 52 (see note to editors 1), featuring players and coaches from the foundation years through to the modern day, has been selected by a panel of Rugby experts including past Queensland Rugby players, coaches and manager, current Queensland Rugby officials, journalists, and Rugby historians (see note to editors 2).   

Recognised for their impact on the Rugby landscape and their contribution to the code in Queensland over the past 130 years, the shortlist includes some of the games pioneers and post-war greats such as Tom Welsby, Alec Evans and John Eales.

Biographies on the shortlist of 52 players and coaches can be found at
The criteria for inductees into the Hall of Fame states:

•    they must have been retired for ten years,
•    they have played and/or coached for Queensland, and
•    they have made an overall contribution to the game.

Over the coming four weeks, Queensland Rugby will be engaging the community and encouraging them to get involved in the conversation surrounding those who may be inducted into the Hall of Fame on August 30.

The final list of inaugural inductees, selected by the expert panel, will be announced as a special part of the proceedings at the annual Reds Gala Ball at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Reds Gala Ball is the biggest event on the Queensland Rugby calendar and is arguably the bench mark of black tie events in Brisbane. It is an evening of celebration and entertainment where individual achievements are recognised and efforts throughout the 2013 Super Rugby season are celebrated.

For more information or for bookings please visit or contact Queensland Rugby Corporate Sales on 07 3354 9313.

Note to Editors 1 – Full shortlist of 52

Daniel Herbert               2000s
Dan Crowley                 1990s
David Wilson                1990s
Jason Little                   1990s
Peter Slattery                1990s
Rod McCall                   1990s
Tim Horan                     1990s
John Eales                    1990/2000s
Brendan Moon              1980s
David Codey                 1980s
Tom Lawton Jnr             1980s
Geoff Shaw                  1970s
Stan Pilecki                   1970s
Andrew Slack                1970/80s
Mark Loane                   1970/80s
Michael Lynagh             1970/80s
Paul McLean                 1970/80s
Tony Shaw                    1970/80s
Alec Evans                   1960s/Coach
Jules Guerassimoff       1960s
Ken Donald                   1960s
Lloyd McDermott          1960s
Brian Ford                     1950s
Chilla Wilson                 1950s
Neil Betts                      1950s
Nev Cottrell Snr             1950s
Des Connor                  1950/60s
Kevin Hodda                 1940s
Arch Winning                 1940/50s
Jimmy Clark                  1930s
Vayro Wilson                1930s
Bill McLean                   1930/40s
Graham Cooke              1930/40s
Eddie Bonis                  1920s
Eddie Thompson           1920s
Tom Lawton Snr            1920/30s
Bob Willcocks               1910s
Jimmy Flynn                 1910s
Doug McLean Snr         1900s
Frank Nicholson            1900s
Lonnie Spragg              1900s
Phil Carmichael             1900s
Voy Oxenham               1900s
Allen Oxlade (Butcher)   1900/10s
Tom Richards                1900/10s
Tom Welsby                  1883-1939
Arthur Hickson              1880/1890s
Austin Gralton               1880/1890s
Bob McCowan              1880/1890s
Frank Ivory                    1880/1890s
Harry Scarr                    1880/1890s
Bob Templeton             Coach
John Connolly               Coach

Note to Editors 2 – Selection Panel

Rod McCall                   QRU Chairman, 107 Games for Queensland
Andrew Slack                QRU Vice President, 133 Games for Queensland
John Ryan                    QRU Life Member, former Queensland Team Manager, former QRU Board Member
John Connolly               Former Queensland Coach (1989-2000), former Wallaby Coach  (2006/07)
Wayne Smith                 Rugby writer for The Australian. Rugby writer since 1971.
Jim Tucker                    Rugby writer for Courier Mail. Rugby writer since early 1980s.       

Advisor to selection panel
Ian Diehm                     Rugby historian, Author of Red Red Red – the Story of Queensland Rugby

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