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Geoff ‘Bunter’ Shaw Challenge Cup introduced to Queensland Premier Rugby for 2018

The 2018 Queensland Premier Rugby season will see the introduction of a new trophy to Queensland’s historic club competition, with the Geoff ‘Bunter’ Shaw Challenge Cup to be contested for the first time in Round 1 of the Hospital Challenge Cup this Saturday, March 24.
Following in the tradition of New Zealand’s famed Ranfurly Shield and the National Rugby Championship’s Horan-Little Shield, the ‘Bunter Bowl’ as it will be affectionately known will be up for grabs when reigning premiers University of Queensland host Easts at St. Lucia this weekend.
Whoever holds the cup will defend it at their respective home games, until another club defeats them and claims possession of the trophy. Each Premier club will also have one challenge they can cash in during season, meaning they can challenge the holder of the cup for the trophy when hosting them in an away fixture.
The trophy, named after Geoff ‘Bunter’ Shaw, is fitting tribute to the former Queensland (QRU no. 906) and Wallaby (Wallaby no. 526) centre, who has given more than 50 years of service to the game of Rugby as a player, administrator and volunteer.
While remaining involved at the elite level of the game as a coaching director and football manager after his playing career, Shaw has also been a selector of metropolitan and regional sides, sat on presidents, marketing and development committees, while also coaching his club side University of Queensland and assisting in Sunnybank’s transition from Queensland Suburban Rugby Union through to Premier Rugby.
“The Geoff ‘Bunter’ Challenge Cup is a fitting tribute to a man who has given so much to the game of Rugby,” said Queensland Rugby Union CEO Richard Barker.
“Club Rugby is kept alive by individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to ensure the grassroots of our game continue to flourish, and Geoff has devoted himself to Rugby for over half a century in many different capacities.
“Even today, Geoff volunteers to come down to Ballymore to assist with mowing the grass around the facility.
“The concept of the cup allows us to add more significance to club fixtures throughout the season, and as we edge towards the finals, there is potential for clubs who are outside of top four calculations to contest for some silverware.
“We’ve seen how successful this concept is in New Zealand’s provincial competition and we’re hopeful the same tribal nature can develop around the Bunter Bowl here in Queensland.”
The ‘Bunter Bowl’ will first be contested this Saturday, March 24, as University of Queensland host Easts in the opening ‘Match of the Round’ for 2018 at St. Lucia, kicking off at 3:20pm AEST.
For the first time ever, in 2018 Queensland Premier Rugby fans will be able to watch all four matches each round LIVE and free. The ‘Match of the Round’ each week will feature a full broadcast with commentary and multi-camera viewing. All four matches will be available via the Premier Rugby live stream hub at
Geoff ‘Bunter’ Shaw Challenge Cup rules: 
1. Regulations for the Geoff “Bunter” Shaw Challenge Cup
a. The Cup shall be a challenge open to all Affiliated Clubs.
b. The Holder shall hold the Cup subject to the conditions of a challenge by an
Affiliated Club in accordance with these Regulations.
c. The Affiliated Club that holds the Cup at the conclusion of the regular season of the
competition will be recognised as the winner of the Cup for that respective season.
Affiliated Clubs will be eligible to participate in two types of challenge matches; Scheduled
Challenges Matches and Contested Challenge Matches.
2. Conditions for Scheduled Challenge Matches
a. All home matches in the regular season of the competition played by the holder
shall be mandatory challenge matches.
b. The Holder shall place the Cup for challenge at their first scheduled home match of
the season.
c. The outcome of the match will determine if the Cup is transferred to the Challenger
or retained by the Holder. The Cup will be retained by the Holder if a Challenge
match results in a drawn game.
3. Conditions for Contested Challenge Matches
Affiliated Clubs will be eligible to issue one Contested Challenge per season under the
following conditions:
a. Affiliated Club designate must give the QRU and the Holder notice in writing by no
later than 12pm Wednesday prior to the respective match.
b. Contested Challenge matches cannot be withdrawn once notice has been given to
respective parties.
c. Affiliated Clubs cannot issue a Contested Challenge prior to the first Scheduled
Challenge of the season, i.e. prior to the previous season’s holder hosting their first
Scheduled Challenge of the season.
d. The outcome of the match will determine if the Cup is transferred to the Challenger
or retained by the Holder. The Cup will be retained by the Holder if a challenge
match results in a drawn game.
Note: As University of Queensland are the 2017 Hospital Challenge Cup Premiers, the first scheduled challenge match will be between University of Queensland and Easts in Round 1 of the 2018 Hospital Challenge Cup season.

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