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Wests fight the impact of a two-week break with an inter-club trial

After being dealt a Round 4 bye as well as the Easter Weekend bye back-to-back, Wests Bulldogs will look to quell the effects of the two-week break by putting their Premier Grade and Premier Colts against each other at Scifleet Stadium tonight. 

Kicking off at 7:15pm, the inter-club session provides the opportunity for the local community to head down to Wests’ new facility at Sylvan Road and enjoy highly recommended bar and bistro. 

After two tough losses to University of Queensland and Brothers, Wests hit their straps in Round 3, securing a 23-19 win over Sunnybank at Oldmac Oval. 

Head coach Pat Byron said that, while a two-week break may test the team, it won’t break their momentum.

“Despite having a bumpy start to our season, I’ve been extremely impressed with the team’s resilience and unity,” Byron said.

“A two-week break is not ideal, in terms of continuing the teams playing progression, however, as a club we choose to highlight any team’s success and use it as motivation.” 

Wests will positively use the break to assist some players battling minor injuries. The break will allow players such captain Alec Jones to overcome these injuries and be game ready for Round 5. 

“Alec will be a significant contribution to the team from an on-field leadership aspect, and with his experience, the team and myself are eager to see him back on field for our next game against GPS.”

The Premier Colts team have had a very successful beginning to their 2017 season with two great wins over UQ and Brothers during Rounds 1 and 2, before suffering a one point loss against Sunnybank in Round 3. With no doubt that the team will regather and recover for their next game against GPS, it is hoped that both Colts and Premier Grade can carry the same motivation for success in Round 5. 

“It will be great to see both teams come up against each other. It allows us to see development of players in colts, and will hopefully motivate Premier Grade to excel against the successful younger team,” Byron said. 

“It would be really good to have some support for Wests on Wednesday night, where fans can see the Premier Grade team take on the successful underdog Premier Colts team."

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