Volvo QRFSU Open Schoolboy Trials kickoff on Thursday


Queensland's best schoolboy rugby talent will be on show this week when the 2011 Volvo QRFSU Open Schoolboy Trials kickoff at Ballymore on Thursday 23 June.

Queensland's best schoolboy rugby talent will be on show this week when the 2011 Volvo QRFSU Open Schoolboy Trials kickoff at Ballymore on Thursday 23 June.

The trials feature representative teams from the Greater Public Schools, Associated Independent Colleges and Combined Secondary Schools regions and are run over the course of Thursday, Friday 24 June and Sunday 26 June.

The opening match of the trials pit AIC 2 against GPS 3 and kicks off at 3:30pm on the Thursday; while the highly anticipated annual grudge match between GPS 1 and AIC 1 is played on Friday night at 7:15pm.

Daily scores of the trials, and the Queensland teams, will be posted on the QRFSU website - http://qrfsu.rugbynet.com.au/

Three GPS and two AIC teams have been chosen from their respective schoolboy competitions, while the two CSS squads were chosen recently at the Volvo QRFSU 18 Years State Championships, held in Caloundra and won by Northern.

A Chairman’s XV will also feature in the trials and was selected from nominations taken from all three associations.

At the conclusion of the trials two Queensland teams will be selected and announced to compete in the Australian Schoolboy Championships at Ballymore from July 4-10.

For 2011, Queensland One will be coached by Carl Marshall from the Brisbane Grammar School and Queensland Two will be coached by John Rauch from Cathedral School (Townsville).

Volvo QRFSU Open Schoolboy Trials Draw
Thursday 23 June
3.30pm - AIC 2 vs GPS 3
4.45pm - CSS 2 vs Chairman’s XV
6.00pm - GPS 2 vs AIC1
7.15pm - GPS 1 vs CSS 1

Friday 24 June
3.30pm - AIC 2 vs Chairman’s XV (Ballymore Field 2)
4.45pm - GPS 3 vs CSS 2 (Ballymore Field 2)
6.00pm - GPS 2 vs CSS 1
7.15pm - GPS 1 vs AIC 1

Sunday 26 June
9.00am - AIC 2 vs CSS 2
10.00am - AIC 1 vs CSS 1
11.00am - GPS 1 vs GPS 2

Volvo QRFSU Open Schoolboy Trials Teams



Greater Public Schools (1)
Greater Public Schools (2)
1. Pettowa Paraka (The Southport School)
2. Maile Ngauamo (Ipswich Grammar School)
3. Tom Moloney (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
4. Curtis Browning (Brisbane State High School)
5. Daniel Preen (Ipswich Grammar School)
6. Conor Mitchell (Anglican Church Grammar School)
7. Kristian Satui (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
8. Sean McMahon (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
9. Scott Gale (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
10. Billy Brittain (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
11. Brendan Elliot (The Southport School)
12. Jack Tuttle (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
13. Soape Palau (Anglican Church Grammar)
14. Jeriah Goodrich (Toowoomba Grammar School)
15. Craig Hunt (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
1. Feleti Kaituu (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
2. Campbell Wakely (The Southport School)
3. Joe Clay (Anglican Church Grammar School)
4. Jack Cornelsen (Brisbane Grammar School)
5. Sam Fattal (The Southport School)
6. Tautala Tasi (Ipswich Grammar School)
7. Joseph Swann (Brisbane State High School)
8. Winniata Barrett (The Southport School)
9. Ben Mehan (Brisbane State High School)
10. Darcy Eason (Anglican Church Grammar School)
11. Monty Ioane (Anglican Church Grammar School)
12. Matthew Gordon (Ipswich Grammar School)
13. Eddie Vakauta (Ipswich Grammar School)
14. Peter Stewart (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
15. Lachlan Duncan (The Southport School)
                          Combined Bench For Greater Public Schools 1 and 2             
16. Campbell Pavy (Toowoomba Grammar School)
17. Aaron Pleash (Ipswich Grammar School)
18. Josh McHugh (The Southport School)
19. Henry Olsen (Anglican Church Grammar School)
20. Jackson Cail (Brisbane Grammar School)
21. Denzel King (Ipswich Grammar School)
22. Grant Davies (Brisbane Grammar School)
23. Vincent Cooney (The Southport School)
Greater Public Schools (3)
1. David Alo-Emile (Brisbane State High School)
2. Lachlan Young (Anglican Church Grammar School)
3. Jake Newell (Brisbane State High School)
4. Tim Crow (Anglican Church Grammar School)
5. Craig Sharp (Brisbane State High School)
6. Matthew Brown (Ipswich Grammar School)
7. Anthony Vassiliades (The Southport School)
8. Liume Maile (Brisbane State High School)
9. Matt Fairnington (The Southport School)
10. Sam Parcell (Ipswich Grammar School)
11. William Shipperley (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
12. Blake Laud (Brisbane Grammar School)
13. Jordan Drew (Toowoomba Grammar School)
14. Dean Van Heteren (Anglican Church Grammar School)
15. Sam Greene (Brisbane Grammar School)
16. Cody Blackhurst (Brisbane Grammar School)
17. Ben Tarr (Brisbane Boys College)
18. Nicholas Hooper (Ipswich Grammar School)
19. Jack Levander (Brisbane Boys College)
20. Ben Brigan (St Joseph’s College, Gregory Tce)
21. Adam Deck (Toowoomba Grammar School)
22. Stuart Bird (Brisbane Boys College)
23. Logan Tibbetts (Brisbane State High School)


Association of Independent Colleges (1)
Association of Independent Colleges (2)
1. Simon Mikaele (St Edmund’s College)
2. Andrew Manu (St Edmund’s College)
3. Aaron Sorridimi (Villanova College)
4. Scott Mains (Villanova College)
5. Alex Perez (Padua College)
6. Shane Larkman (St Edmund’s College)
7. Matthew Muller (Marist College Ashgrove)
8. Terrin Walls (St Patrick’s College)
9. Scott Malolua (Marist College Ashgrove)
10. Kurtis Bierhuizen (Iona College)
11. Jarred Watson (St Patrick’s College)
12. Sam Johnson (St Edmund’s College)
13. Giles Beveridge (St Patrick’s College)
14. Tyrone Brimble (St Peter’s Lutheran College)
15. Jono Kent (Marist College Ashgrove)
1. Ben Lowis (St Patrick’s College)
2. Bart Ritchie (Padua College)
3. Alex Hatzis (St Laurence’s College)
4. Alex Notting (Marist College Ashgrove)
5. Jack O’Toole (Padua College)
6. Lachlan Grey (St Peter’s Lutheran College)
7. Jo O’Toole (Padua College)
8. Tom Milosevic (St Laurence’s College)
9. Simon Gregg (St Laurence’s College)
10. Heta Manuel (St Edmund’s College)
11. Elliot Davies (Marist College Ashgrove)
12. Christian Welch (Villanova College)
13. Tom Dempsey (St Laurence’s College)
14. Moses Rambi (St Peter’s Lutheran College)
15. Joseph Crowther (St Laurence’s College)
16. Michael Toolis (Marist College Ashgrove)
17. Gareth Ryan (Padua College)
18. Tom Walker (Iona College)
19. David Wilson (St Laurence’s College)
20. Connor McWhirter (Marist College Ashgrove)
21. Michael Cooke (St Patrick’s College)
22. David Eske (Iona College)
23. Declan Balassa (St Edmund’s College)


Combined Secondary Schools (1)
Combined Secondary Schools (2)
1. Marley Tane (Downlands College)
2. Fa’atausili (Lafaitele Victoria Point SHS)
3. Brad Wingti (St Teresa’s Catholic College)
4. Jack Payne (St Columbans College)
5. Lachlan Penberthy (Downlands College)
6. Marcus Tanzer (Downlands College)
7. Chazz Mahina (Marsden SHS)
8. Caleb Timu (Marsden SHS)
9. Stuart Hubbert (The Cathedral School, Townsville)
10. Jarrod Lee (Downlands College)
11. Tyrone Studer (Keebra Park SHS)
12. Charles Hose (Downlands College)
13. Samsen O’Neill (The Cathedral School, Townsville)
14. Chris Wellington (Burdekin Catholic College)
15. Jaidyn Yeatman (The Cathedral School, Townsville)
1. James Thompson (Mountain Creek SHS)
2. Jack Cook (Downlands College)
3. MacKenzie Barnes (John Paul College)
4. Angus Ryan (Downlands College)
5. Camryn Lloyd (Forest Lake SHS)
6. Benjamin Hyne (Downlands College)
7. Tye Ryan (The Cathedral School, Townsville)
8. Feao Fotuaika (St Francis College)
9. Nick Chapman (St Teresa’s Catholic College)
10. Morgan Marks (The Cathedral School, Townsville)
11. Cuan Neyland (John Paul College)
12. Barlen Wilson (Palm Beach Currumbin SHS)
13. Callum James (Rockhampton Grammar School)
14. Rory Mead (Downlands College)
15. Joshua Bowen-Bowyer (Trinity Bay SHS)
16. Livingstone Tuigamala (Wavell SHS)
17. Lachlan McLean Mathew (Flinders Anglican College)
18. Josh Nicholson (Mountain Creek SHS)
19. Hayden Collins (Rockhampton SHS)
20. Tylor Bunting (Benowa SHS)
21. William Thompson (Downlands College)
22. Jordon Roberts (Redeemer Lutheran College)
23. Nat Taber (St Brendans College, Yeppoon)
Chairman’s XV
1. Leighton Herbert-Cummings (St Edmund’s College)
2. Francios Postal (St Joseph’s College, Nudgee)
3. Nick Leggatt (Downlands College)
4. Nick Crooks (St Joseph’s College, Gregory Tce)
5. David Partridge (Brisbane Boys College)
6. Sidney Wilms (Sunshine Coast Grammar School)
7. Jack Holt (Iona College)
8. Nuku Swerling (John Paul College)
9. Tui Notoaiga (Brisbane State High School)
10. Will Thomassen (Marist College, Ashgrove)
11. Gareth Kalell (Brisbane Boys College)
12. Landon Hayes (Ipswich Grammar School)
13. Samu Kerevi (Brisbane State High School)
14. Owain Davies (Anglican Church Grammar School)
15. Tom Banks (Brisbane Boys College)
16. Ben Conway (Toowoomba Grammar School)
17. Patrick Serisier (Villanova College)
18. TBC
19. James Webster (St Patricks College)
20. James Briskie (Padua College)
21. Bart Scanlan (St Laurences College)
22. Chris Dunstan (Ormiston)
23. Levi Aumua (Brisbane Grammar School)